Harben Packaging has a range of second hand cartons, including removal cartons for commercial and industrial use, we can supply made to order cartons to fit your companies individuals needs, corrugated cardboard, cardboard: flat panels creased, twin walls, card dividers and pallet pads.


Our range includes new and second hand cartons.
Cartons can be made to order to customers specific requirements. Cartons vary in boardgrade and strength.
We have a huge range of cartons in stock, please call to find a carton to suit your needs.

ItemDescriptionSize Unit
ctn171012X Small170mm x 100mm x 120mmNeweach
ctn185160120Small185mm x 160mm x 120mmNeweach
ctn2918103kg Mailers290mm x 180mm x 100mmNeweach
ctn2816215kg Mailers285mm x 165mm x 215mmNeweach
ctnarchiveNew Archive390mm x 306mm x 260mmNeweach
ctn51302251510mm x 300mm x 223mmNeweach
ctnremovalNew Removal440mm x 410mm x 600mmNeweach
palletboxPallet Box1050mm x 1050mm x 900mmNeweach
Ctn422720420mm x 270mm x 200mmNeweach
Ctn422835Book Carton - New420mm x 280mm x 355mm C FluteNeweach
New Carton420mm x 320mm x 160mmNeweach
Ctn5018120500mm x 180mm x 1050mmNeweach
CtnvisplNHP Plain New420mm x 270mm x 200mmNeweach
CtnvisplNHP Plain420mm x 270mm x 200mmSecond Handeach
CtnmedmixTMedium Mixed Cartons580mm x 380mm x 350mmSecond Handeach
CtnlgmixedCapgel Cartons600mm x 440mm x 700mmSecond Handeach
CtnfragileFragile Cartons250mm x 250mm x 250mmSecond Handeach
Ctnx18/19Medium Cartons470mm x 370mm x 360mmSecond Handeach
CtnmingMing Cartons300mm x 300mm x 460mmSecond Handeach
Ctnming2Ming 2 Cartons490mm x 320mm x 350mmSecond Handeach
CtnvisibookBook Cartons425mm x 280mm x 360mmSecond Handeach
Cartons450mm x 450mm x 200mmSecond Handeach
Cartons630mm x 460mm x 340mmSecond Handeach
*** Cartons above are subject to availability ***

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