We can supply made to order cartons to fit your companies individuals needs.                                                                                                                                            Corrugated cardboard                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Cardboard: flat panels creased, twin walls, card dividers and pallet pads.


We have a huge range of new cartons.
Cartons can also be made to order to a customers specific requirements.                                                                                        Personalized printing on cartons can also be done, in colors to match your company logo.                                                                  Cartons vary in board grade and strength.                                       We also carry a huge range of cartons in stock, please call to find a carton to suit your needs.


ItemDescriptionSize L W H Unit
ctn171012X Small170mm x 100mm x 120mmNewEach
ctn185160120Small185mm x 160mm x 120mmNewEach
ctn2918103kg Mailers290mm x 180mm x 100mmNewEach
ctn2851652155kg Mailers285mm x 165mm x 215mmNewEach
ctnarchiveNew Archive390mm x 306mm x 260mmNewEach
ctnremovalNew Removal440mm x 410mm x 600mmNewEach
palletboxPallet Box1050mm x 1050mm x 900mmNewEach
Ctn151455Die Cut Carton150mm x 140mm x 55mmNewEach
Ctn189355Die Cut Carton185mm x 93mm x 55mmNewEach
Ctn241818Air Ram Carton241mm x 185mm x 180mmNewEach
Ctn281427Syrup Carton285mm x 140mm x 275mmNewEach
Ctn2823203BB066C Carton285mm x 230mm x 200mmNewEach
Ctn2852827Syrup Carton285mm x 280mm x 276mmNewEach
Ctn302027W2Ltr Carton305mm x 205mm x 275mmNewEach
Ctn352829Barrel Carton350mm x 280mm x 295mmNewEach
Ctn353557Barrel 25Ltr Carton355mm x 355mm x 570mmNewEach
Ctn382818MTA2 Carton385mm x 285mm x 200mmNewEach
Ctn422720420mm x 270mm x 200mmNewEach
Ctn422835Book Carton - New420mm x 280mm x 355mm C FluteNewEach
Ctn433113Laptop Carton430mm x 310mm x 135mmNew Each
Ctn452633MTA3 Carton450mm x 260mm x 330mmNewEach
Ctn473736BB066C470mm x 370mm x 360mmNewEach
Ctn5018120500mm x 180mm x 1050mmNewEach
ctn51302251510mm x 300mm x 223mmNewEach
Ctn513634670K-C Carton510mm x 360mm x 340mmNewEach
Ctn553331Carton550mm x 330mm x 310mmNewEach
Ctn5838363BB066C Carton580mm x 380mm x 360mmNewEach
Ctn593925A2 Carton597mm x 397mm x 254mmNewEach
Ctn674634AV880 Carton670mm x 460mm x 345mmNewEach
Ctn842720Jack Hammer Carton845mm x 275mm x 200mmNewEach
Corro915Corrogated Roll912mm (3ft) 60sqmNewEach
Corro1200Corrogated Roll1200mm (4ft) 100sqmNewEach
Corro1485Corrogated Roll1485mm (5ft) 100sqmNewEach
Corro1820Corrogated Roll1820mm (6ft) 100sqmNewEach

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